Monday, May 20

Internet Switched Back On Again In Zimbabwe After A Total Blackout For The Second Time In A Week

The Zimbabwean story continues to be crazier at every turn. Around mid day on Tuesday the government ordered internet service providers to block all citizens from the internet. The nation was switched back on yesterday after 30 hours of darkness.

When we thought that it was all done, the government issued another directive at Nicodemus time last night around 10 pm instructing total shut down again. Zimbabwe woke up to no internet today and Econet subscribers had the following message in their SMS inbox:

At 22:05 17/01/19, we were served with another directive for total shutdown of the internet until further notice. Our lawyers advised we are required to comply with the directive pending the Courts decision on its legality. The earlier directives are already the subject of a pending High Court Application . We sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the acts of government which are beyond our reasonable control.advertisement

This did not make sense at all. We were left bracing ourselves for at least a week without internet. Now some of the service providers have switched back on and we don’t know for how long!

Clearly someone in government, most likely the minister of security thinks the internet is a cute toy that can be switched off and on willy nilly. Sadly this is not so. The internet has become an important tool for business and there are real losses that occur when there is no connectivity even for a minute. Continue reading