Tuesday, July 16

FNB Launches 2 New Digital Payment Solutions for SMEs

FNB South Africa, one of the country’s top lenders, has announced today the launch of two new digital payment solutions for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to a statement from FNB, the growing need to accelerate the shift from cash to digital and card payments, coupled with the growth of eCommerce across Africa, the bank has expanded its payments ecosystem with two new SME solutions: FNB WebStore and FNB Android Speedpoint device.

“The solutions will offer a simple, easy and cost-effective way for businesses in South Africa to accept payments from customers,” says FNB.

“Over the last decade the payments industry has seen a dynamic shift – from the internet and smartphones driving the adoption of mobile payments, end of cheques as a form of payment, to the current pandemic-induced reduction in the transactional usage of cash, as well as the boom in eCommerce,” says FNB CEO, Jacques Celliers.

“Our payments innovations are in tune with the step-change in digital adoption and preference for contactless methods of transacting among customers while enhancing efficiency and user experience. FNB aims to innovate in a manner that reduces complexity and offers customers more choice and convenient solutions through its trusted digital platform. Therefore, we continue providing payments solutions that are more advanced, safer, and cost-effective for both businesses and individual customers. Our customers and merchants both expect a swift and secure digital experience,” adds Celliers. Continue reading

Image: Htxt.Africa