Monday, May 20

How Nigerian edtech startup, Tuteria, is connecting learners to tutors in Nigeria

Over the years, education has evolved from self-education through self-directed play and exploration, acquiring a vast knowledge of plants and herbs for agricultural purposes to teaching certain expectations and behaviours to children.

In recent years, education has changed into a tool for children to learn and apply their talents or skills and for young people and adults to understand the competitive nature of the workforce.

Similarly, with the advancement of technology, students are no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom to learn a new course, acquire a skill, or advance in a specific field of interest.

Globally, technology is rapidly transforming education. While edtech in Africa is moving slower due to power shortage and low Internet penetration, some African edtech startups like Ulesson, M-Lugha, FoondaMate, and Tuteria are helping Africans learn. Continue reading