Friday, March 31

Data Science Nigeria launches the Artificial Intelligence Startup Incubation Program with 12 Startups

Data Science Nigeria, an organization with a vision to build a world-class Artificial Intelligence, knowledge research, and innovation ecosystem that delivers high-impact transformational research has launched Nigeria’s 1st AI Startup Incubation and Research Hub. The event also included a bespoke AI Startup Summit with the theme, “Building Nigeria’s Artificial Intelligence Unicorns: How to build scalable startups leveraging AI and Exponential technologies”.  It had Anitha Vadavatha, CEO and co-Founder, AB Plus Ventures, and Samuel Odeloye, Co-founder by RoadPreppers as speakers. Please visit  to watch the recorded video of the AI Startup Summit. 

Speaking at the launch event, the founder and lead mentor, Data Science Nigeria, Dr. Olubayo Adekanmbi said, “The dominant fact remains that artificial intelligence is a big game changer, and it is going to change how unicorns of the future will emerge. Continue reading

Image: Techcabal