Friday, June 14

Ventures Park launches new campus in Abuja for tech enthusiasts

In June 2016, Ventures Platform launched as an innovation hub where tech enthusiasts, freelancers, startup founders, and professionals in Nigeria could meet, network, and co-create. The 1,200-square-meter hub in Abuja also served as a residential base for technology entrepreneurs on the continent selected to go through the VP accelerator programme. 

Over the past five years, Ventures Platform has changed its investment strategy from the accelerator model to become one of the leading early-stage funds in Africa while it spun off the innovation hub business, now managed by its subsidiary Ventures Park.

With the recent surge in fundraising, tech activity, and uptake of remote freelance jobs in Nigeria, Ventures Park has seen its community of active users nearly double from just over 100 in early 2021 to almost 200. In response to the increase, the company has launched a bigger campus, in Abuja, to provide greater support to its community. Continue reading

Image: Supplied