Wednesday, December 8

Survey of Kenyans shows digital devices and services are improving their lives and livelihoods – Highlights Opportunities for Deeper Participation in the Digital Economy

The survey highlights uptake in areas beyond mobile money including usage of digital services for supporting livelihoods, e-commerce and e-governance

NAIROBI, Kenya, August 10, 2021/APO Group/ — 

Digital devices and services have improved the daily lives of 84% of Kenyans – while nearly one third said that it had boosted their incomesThese are among the key findings of a unique cross-country survey that provides a comprehensive and timely assessment of how Kenya’s aggressive investments in core digital infrastructure are having an impact at the level of individual Kenyans.

“With Kenya now embracing its digital economy as the foundation for creating an empowered society, it’s critical to capture how that is currently playing out in the everyday digital experience of Kenyans across the country,” said Naoko Koyama of Dalberg Advisors. Naoko is the lead author of a report: “Kenya’s Digital Economy: A People’s Perspective” which has been funded by the Omidyar Network. Continue reading

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