Tuesday, June 22

Facebook Suspends Huawei From Pre-Installing Its App And WhatsApp On Its Phones

Huawei is running into more problems after the US government banned major tech firms from doing business with the Chinese company. Reuters is reporting that Facebook is now joining Google, Microsoft, and others in the Huawei ban.

What now?

The social network giant is reportedly pulling its apps from Huawei devices. More specifically, Huawei will no longer be able to pre-install Facebook apps on its new phones, and that includes Facebook itself, as well as WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook said the company’s apps will continue work and receive updates for existing users, but new users who get new (and existing) phones, won’t be able to get the apps pre-installed.

Facebook blocking its popular apps from being pre-installed on Huawei devices is a big blow to the phone maker. Although new owners of current Huawei devices will simply be able to download Facebook apps from the Play Store, owners of the company’s upcoming devices will be left out. Continue reading

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