Wednesday, June 23

This South African-founded podcast startup has just been acquired by global podcasting company Acast

South African-founded podcast technology startup Pippa has been acquired by large global podcasting company Acast.

Pippa provides people who create podcasts with a space to host their podcasts, and shares it to all the relevant outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and every podcast app. The platform also provides in-depth analytics on how their podcast is performing, as well as allowing them to place adverts in their content.

‘’Joining Acast represents an important, necessary, and extremely exciting leap forward for Pippa.’’ the company said in a statement.

‘’Acast’s reputation as the premier podcast company in the world is well deserved. We’re honoured to join their team and — with you — to continue crafting the future of podcasting together.’’

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built at Pippa—a product that podcasters genuinely love. We’ve long admired Acast as the premier podcast company in the world, so we’re confident that our forces combined will accelerate Acast’s success in serving and spurring the growth of podcasters, advertisers, and listeners worldwide.” Simon Marcus, CEO and Co-Founder of Pippa said

Founded in 2014, Acast is a fully integrated, and one of the fastest growing podcast marketplace in the world. It provides a platform for podcasters to host their audio files and also provides them with ways for them to monetize the podcasts through ad placements.

“This acquisition meaningfully accelerates our growth and will move Acast forward in our mission to empower podcasters of every size and help them connect with audiences around the world. We were extremely impressed by what the Pippa team have built and we’re excited to pour fuel on the flames now that Pippa is part of the Acast team.” Ross Adams, Acast CEO said.

Combined with Pippa, Acast will now have more than 7,000 shows covering the full range of podcasters from the world’s most premium publishers such as BBC, Financial Times, Economist, and Vogue as well as what will be tomorrow’s big hits. Continue reading

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