Wednesday, December 8

Techabal Releases New Report on Health Tech in Nigeria

TechCabal is pleased to introduce its first paid report, The State of Health Tech in Nigeria.

This deeply researched report examines general health indicators and challenges in Nigeria, and then dives into the health tech industry, profiling the innovative startups working to find technology solutions to Nigeria’s health-related problems.

The report profiles 75 active and 15 inactive health tech startups across 12 subsectors. It further examines the challenges these startups face, the opportunities in the space and makes actionable recommendations for entrepreneurs, investors and regulators to consider.

This report was prepared using both primary and secondary data. We started with publicly available information about the healthcare system and health tech industry in Nigeria. We then interviewed more than 75 active health tech entrepreneurs and industry experts who provided key insights contained within this report. We directly contacted all the active startups listed in the report to verify their funding information and other key details about them, including sub-sector focus and the key problems they aim to solve. Continue reading

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