Saturday, March 6

South African voter details exposed on IEC website

The South African National Elections will be held on 8 May 2019, and voters have been encouraged to register online through the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) website.

The online portal has not always been the most secure platform, however, and a security flaw revealed in 2017 allowed attackers to potentially manipulate the registration system.

This week, MyBroadband was made aware of another security flaw affecting the IEC online registration portal – this time affecting those applying to vote from overseas.

Citizens who wish to vote in the 2019 elections while overseas must inform the IEC of their intention and submit a VEC 10 application online.

The VEC 10 application must be submitted through the elections registration portal before 13 March 2019 to be processed in time for the election.

There was a major security flaw in this system, though, which exposed the personal details of many South African voters. Continue reading

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