Friday, April 19

Africa at CES 2019 Series: African technologies showcased at Las Vegas

African technology is a making significant appearance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The CES is the largest international technology exhibition and it is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The showcase is aimed at showcasing the latest technology in electronics, computers, mobile devices, home automation, Internet of Things, Robotics, E-health, connected cars and a lot more. Organised by the Consumer Electronics Association, the event houses technological advancements from around the world. It is highly competitive as most tech companies and individuals look to it to showcase their innovation.

Africa Tech Now is one of  foremost initiatives for African innovation to be showcased on a global stage. Hence Its collaboration with the CES.

The event seeks to promote Africa’s entrepreneurial and technological ecosystems. Taking place at this year’s CES (from 9-11 January) Africa Tech Now sets outs to present Africa as the next digital and innovation hub. This year’s event is focusing on Digital Transformation challenges facing Africa, majoring on mobile payment, agriculture, health, Smart Cities, education and energy. Continue reading