Wednesday, January 27

How African tech startups can help you travel smarter in 2019

Alongside the likes of Travelstart and Jovago (now Jumia), is a pioneer in the African travel tech space. Yet the sector is swiftly moving beyond simple booking platforms.

Now, is a well-established player, and one that is expanding across Africa. At the time of its launch, however, it was almost revolutionary.

“A few years ago finding and making hotel reservations was an offline process. You would have to ask someone who already knew of a hotel, or drive around looking for hotel signs,” said the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Essien.

“These days, consumers have moved their searches to the internet. What we have done is provide the means for these hotels, many of which have no digital savvy staff, to thrive in a space that is increasingly embracing technology.” now has over 11,000 hotels across Nigeria listed on its platform, and Essien has seen the changes in the way people plan holidays and other trips.

“The impact is already apparent. About 45 per cent of travellers are planning their trips, from start to finish, over their mobile phones,” he said.

As discovery of hotels and travel destination has become easier, and the holiday-booking process goes increasingly online, tech startups are coming up with other solutions in the travel space. Continue reading

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